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IGEL AG picks up speed and starts 2018 off optimistically

IGEL – Ingenieurgemeinschaft Erich Leitner AG is optimistic about the future. After the last few years were shaped by the upheaval in the field of combustion engines and a tough price war, IGEL AG now considers itself to be well-positioned in the current market.

IGEL AG expects that growth will pick up speed from quarter two and that further important and exciting projects can be won. In addition to growth, the company wants to further expand its operational strength. Although the market has consolidated somewhat in recent years, there is still a great deal of price pressure. In addition, foreign companies are increasingly entering the development services market. These companies often come from countries with lower pay.

Investments will increase again, especially in research and development and for infrastructure expansion. Investments are being made in the area of computation in order to specifically expand computations that accompany the design to include special areas of computation. The focus here is primarily on overall systems and strengthening functional development. The IT infrastructure is also being further expanded. In addition to the topic of HPC (high-performance computing), IT security and the support of decentralised work continue to be top priorities. The IGEL locations are also to be expanded again in 2018, with the Ingolstadt location leading the way. In Ingolstadt, the location has to be adapted in line with increased volume.

“The market continues to be under pressure and requires our vigilance to manage risks in the future,” says Lucien Debertrand, CEO of IGEL AG. “But the hard work over the last few months has paid off. Opportunities are returning and opening up new potential for IGEL AG.”