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E-mobility award for Volabo (IGEL prototype project)

The eMove360° Award (Oct 2017) with Volabo as the winner; congratulations to the Volabo team as IGEL customer & partner. We are particularly pleased that we have successfully implemented the Volabo electric motor as a prototype project for this. Together, we have also just convinced the approximately 900 participants at the CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference of our expertise in the field of e-mobility.

The newly designed eMove360°Award honours long-established companies and start-ups for achievements in the field of electric mobility and autonomous driving. Volabo won the award in the Powertrain category, alongside renowned companies such as Bosch, Daimler and Rolls Royce.

With the Intelligent Stator Cage Drive (ISCAD), Volabo has succeeded in creating a real highlight that redefines the electric motor in the drive train. Despite the comparatively low voltage of 48 volts, the ISCAD concept makes it possible to operate high-performing units that are lighter, more efficient and cheaper than conventional motors all at the same time because neither copper nor rare-earth elements are used in them.

IGEL played a major role in this success, as all the necessary designs, engineering, parts procurement and assembly of the ISCAD engine were carried out in our offices and workshops.

We like to view ourselves as pioneers in future-oriented drive technologies with many years of experience in engine development. We use this expertise to actively drive forward the development of alternative technologies and are therefore all the more pleased for and with our partner Volabo.