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Christmas donation to the Milbertshofen Old People’s and Service Centre

IGEL AG has done something good for Christmas again this year. This year’s fundraising campaign took the form of an invitation to an outing for volunteers of the Milbertshofen Old People’s and Service Centre, who tirelessly assist the elderly day in, day out and give their all to offer the senior citizens there a varied and exciting programme. Unfortunately, they themselves are usually forgotten about. That’s why we at IGEL thought we would do something for the helpers and went there to see for ourselves and invite them out. The head of the centre, Ms Hollberg, helped us to do this. The reaction was one of general surprise and, of course, great joy.

We agreed with the helpers that we would go on a nice day trip together in spring when the weather might be a bit better. Some of the seniors are of course also welcome to join us. So we will hire one or two buses and do something nice together.

As a thank you, some of the seniors there even agreed to design this year’s Christmas cards for our customers! They unleashed their creativity and really enjoyed it. And the result was really something to behold!

The individual cards were of course personally handed over to our customers by Mr Debertrand and were very well received.

As soon as the weather improves, we will go on a big excursion—pictures to follow, of course!